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Tropical Conservation Science
December 2015 | Vol. 8 | Issue 4 | pages 863 - 1139

Research challenges and the social and ecological basis of tropical conservation
Estrada, A. and Butler, R.

Impact of shifting cultivation on dense tropical woodlands in southeast Angola
Johannes Wallenfang, Manfred Finckh, Jens Oldeland and Rasmus Revermann
Research Articles

Knowledge, uses and practices of the licuri palm (Syagrus coronata (Mart.) Becc.), around protected areas in northeastern Brazil holding the endangered species Lear´s macaw (Anodorhynchus leari)
Wbaneide Martins de Andrade, Marcelo Alves Ramos, Wedson Medeiros Silva Souto, José Severino Bento-Silva, Ulysses Paulino de Albuquerque and Elcida de Lima Araújo
Research Articles

Early bird assemblages under different subtropical forest restoration strategies in Brazil: passive, nucleation and high diversity plantation
Huilquer Francisco Vogel, João Batista Campos and Fernando Campanhã Bechara
Research Articles

Investigating constraints on the survival of orangutans across Borneo and Sumatra
Charlotte Carne, Stuart Semple and Julia Lehmann
Research Articles

Bird community diversity in three habitat types in an ecological corridor in the Atlantic Forest of Misiones province, Argentina
Flavia Romina Barzan, Julián Martín Emanuel Baigorria and Roberto Fabián Bó
Research Articles

Feasibility of using scent-baited hair traps to monitor carnivore populations in Peninsular Malaysia
Laurie Hedges, Damian S. Morrant, Ahimsa Campos-Arceiz and Gopalasamy Reuben Clements
Short communications

High-temperature tolerance by the endangered Mexican Mayflower orchid Laelia speciosa
Whaleeha Gudiño, Irene Ávila-Díaz, Ken Oyama and Erick de la Barrera
Short communications

Returning home: movement strategies of Sub-Andean birds in a modified landscape
Marcela Suarez-Rubio, Carolina Montealegre, Luis Miguel Renjifo and Swen C. Renner
Short communications

Enhancing ecosystem function through conservation: threatened plants increase local carbon storage in tropical dry forests
Juan C. Álvarez-Yépiz and Martin Dovčiak
Short communications

Roads through national parks: a successful case study
Tim Caro
Research Articles

Taxonomic, species and functional group diversity of ants in a tropical anthropogenic landscape
Miguel Á. García-Martínez, Dora L. Martínez-Tlapa, Gibrán R. Pérez-Toledo, Luis N. Quiroz-Robledo, Gabriela Castaño-Meneses, Javier Laborde and Jorge E. Valenzuela-González
Research Articles

Changes in the diversity of evergreen and deciduous species during natural recovery following clear cutting in a subtropical evergreen-deciduous broadleaved mixed forest of central China
Yongtao Huang, Xunru Ai, Lan Yao, Runguo Zang, Yi Ding, Jihong Huang, Guang Feng and Juncheng Liu
Research Articles

Reducing deforestation and enhancing sustainability in commodity supply chains: interactions between governance interventions and cattle certification in Brazil
Helena Nery Alves-Pinto, Peter Newton and Luis Fernando Guedes Pinto
Research Articles

Decentralized Environmental Governance: A reflection on its role in shaping Wildlife Management Areas in Tanzania
Wilhelm A. Kiwango, Hans C. Komakech, Thadeo M. C. Tarimo and Lawrence Martz
Opinion Articles

Trends in illegal trade of wild birds in Amazonas state, Brazil
Carlos Augusto Rodrigues do Nascimento, Robson Esteves Czaban and Rômulo Romeu Nóbrega Alves
Research Articles

An assessment of Red List data for the Cycadales
Paris N. Marler and Thomas E. Marler
Short communications

Evaluating the relationship between white-tailed deer and environmental conditions using spatially autocorrelated data in tropical dry forests of central Mexico
Carlos A. Yañez-Arenas and Salvador Mandujano
Research Articles

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Volume 8: Issue 4
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