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Tropical Conservation Science
March 2008 | Vol. 1 | Issue 1 | pages 1 - 74


Conservation Letters
    Human impacts on primate conservation in central Amazonia | pages 6-17
    Os Impactos Humanos sobre a Conservação de Primatas na Amazônia Central
    Sarah A. Boyle
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    Belize’s Ecosystems: Threats and Challenges to Conservation in Belize | pages 18-33
    Colin Young
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Short communications
    Advances in biogeography of the tropical rain forest in southern Yunnan, southwestern China | pages 34-42
    Zhu Hua
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Research articles
    Population viability analysis of howler monkey (Alouatta palliata mexicana) in a highly fragmented landscape in Los Tuxtlas, Mexico | pages 43-62
    Análisis de viabilidad de poblaciones de monos aulladores (Alouatta palliata mexicana) en un paisaje altamente fragmentado en Los Tuxtlas, Mexico
    Salvador Mandujano and Luis Escobedo-Morales
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    Quantifying the response of tree hyraxes (Dendrohyrax validus) to human disturbance in the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania | pages 63-74
    J. Elmer Topp-Jørgensen, Andrew R. Marshall, Henry Brink and Ulrik B. Pedersen
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   Tropical Conservation Science is an open-access e-journal that publishes research relating to conservation of tropical forests and other tropical ecosystems.

Volume 1: Issue 1
Table of Contents

Butler and Estrada
Mandujano et al.
Topp-Jørgensen et al.

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