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Tropical Conservation Science
June 2016 | Vol. 9 | Issue 2 | pages 565 - 930

The broad geographic and thematic base of tropical conservation science research
Alejandro Estrada and Rhett Butler

Strategies for mitigating forest arson and elephant conflict in Way Kambas National Park, Sumatra, Indonesia
Catherine Marie-Claire Oelrichs, David J. Lloyd and Les Christidis

Patterns of species diversity are not consistent between shifting cultivation in Bawangling Nature Reserves and selective logging in Diaoluoshan Nature Reserves, Hainan Island, China
Deng Lin, Yong Jiang, Runguo Zang, Xu Wang, Wenxing Long, Jin Huang, Yong Kang, Xixi Wang, and Zhixu Xie

Butterfly conservation within cities: a landscape scale approach integrating natural habitats and abandoned fields in central Mexico
María de las Nieves Barranco-León, Florencio Luna-Castellanos, Carlos H. Vergara and Ernesto I. Badano

How diverse are epiphyte assemblages in plantations and secondary forests in tropical lowlands?
Helena Julia Regina Einzmann and Gerhard Zotz

Plastic responses mediated by identity recognition in below-ground competition in Cycas micronesica K.D. Hill
Thomas E. Marler, Nirmala Dongol, and Gil N. Cruz

Coastal zone habitat-use by birds in Qatar: Insights from a rapid assessment method during spring migration
Stamatis Zogaris and Athanassios Kallimanis

Out on a limb: arboreal camera traps as an emerging methodology for inventorying elusive rainforest mammals
Andrew Whitworth, Laura Dominie Braunholtz, Ruthmery Pillco Huarcaya, Ross MacLeod and Christopher Beirne

Applicability of the ‘Recommendations for Sustainable Land Use’ method for Brazilian tropical soils
Stella Cristiani Gonçalves Matoso, Kaynara Delaix Zaqueo and Silvestre Lopes da Nóbrega

Temporal variation in native bee diversity in the tropical sub-deciduous forest of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
Virginia Meléndez-Ramírez, Ricardo Ayala and Hugo Delfín-González

Evaluating landscape suitability for golden-headed lion tamarins (Leontopithecus chrysomelas) and Wied’s black tufted-ear marmosets (Callithrix kuhlii) in the Bahian Atlantic Forest
Cylita Guy, Camila R. Cassano, Leticia Cazarre, Kristel M. De Vleeschouwer, Maria Cecília Martins Kierulff, Leonardo G. Neves, Leonardo C. Oliveira, Bruno Marchena R. Tardio, Sara L. Zeigler and Becky E. Raboy

Conservation value, history and legal status of non-native white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts
Jon R. Keehner, Luis Cruz-Martinez and Darryn Knobel

Mitigating human-tiger conflict: an assessment of compensation payments and tiger removals in Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Rajendra Dhungana, Tommaso Savini, Jhamak Bahadur Karki and Sara Bumrungsri

Behavior and ecology of the white-footed tamarin (Saguinus leucopus) in a fragmented landscape of Colombia: small bodied primates and seed dispersal in Neotropical forests
A. Gabriela de Luna, Yesenia García-Morera and Andrés Link

What Is the Potential of the Combined Use of Artificial Perches and Solarization to Restore Communities with Invasive Plant?
Aline Luiza Tomazi and Tânia Tarabini Castellani

Impacts of small-scale gold-mining on birds and anurans near the Tambopata Natural Reserve, Peru
Nora Alvarez-Berríos, Marconi Campos-Cerqueira, Andrés Hernández-Serna, J. Amanda Delgado C., Francisco Román-Dañobeytia and T. Mitchell Aide

Floristic composition and edge-induced homogenization in tree communities in the fragmented Atlantic Rainforest of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Oliver Thier and Jens Wesenberg

Community participation and harvesting of non-timber forest products in benefit sharing pilot-scheme in Bach Ma National Park, Central Vietnam
Ha Thi Ngan Huynh, Lisa Lobry de Bruyn, Julian Prior and Paul Kristiansen

Using Google Earth to improve management of threatened limestone karst ecosystems in Peninsular Malaysia
Thor-Seng Liew, Liz Price and Gopalasamy Reuben Clements

Scaling-up the use of chili fences for reducing human-elephant conflict across landscapes in Tanzania
Alex Chang’a, Nick Desouza, John Muya, Julius Keyyu, Angela Mwakatobe, Lucas Malugu, Humphrey Peter Ndossi, Jonathan Konuche, Raphael Omondi, Aloyce Mpinge, Nathan Hahn, Sue Palminteri and David Olson

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   Tropical Conservation Science is an open-access e-journal that publishes research relating to conservation of tropical forests and other tropical ecosystems.

Volume 9: Issue 2
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