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Tropical Conservation Science — TCS
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Tropical Conservation Science

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Showdown Looms Over a Biological Treasure Trove -- 03/21/2008
In impoverished Yunnan Province in southwestern China, a confrontation is brewing between economic growth and habitat preservation--and authorities are sending mixed signals about their intentions.

Deterioro de Los Tuxtlas pone en riesgo a monos -- 03/05/2008
Hace unas décadas, la zona de Los Tuxtlas, en Veracruz, era un paraíso en la que se desarrollaban numerosas especies vegetales y animales. Pero la actividad humana ha hecho pedazos el bosque, y los fragmentos remanentes tienden a hacerse más pequeños. Y si el costo ha sido alto para las personas, casi ha significado la extinción para los monos aulladores propios de la región.
Milenio (Mexico)

Rubber planting depleting China's only tropical rainforest -- 03/04/2008
Southern Yunnan is home to China's only tropical rainforest, but its existence is being threatened by rising rubber prices, which has spurred increased rubber planting in recent years.
GoKunming.com (China)

Screaming elephant-cousin threatened by logging -- 03/03/2008
A small screaming mammal that may be the closest living relative of the elephant is threatened by logging and bushmeat hunting in East Africa, according to a study published in the inaugural issue of the open access e-journal Tropical Conservation Science.

Belize's world famous coral reefs and rainforests at risk -- 03/03/2008
Belize's world famous coral reefs and tropical forests are increasingly vulnerable to environmental problems which could impact its tourism-dependent economy, argues a Belizean ecologist writing in the inaugural issue of the open access e-journal Tropical Conservation Science.

Fragmentation puts Mexican howlers at risk -- 03/03/2008
Forest fragmentation is putting mantled howler monkeys in southern Mexico at risk, reports a new study, published in the inaugural issue of the open access e-journal Tropical Conservation Science.

China's tropical rainforests decline 67% in 30 years -- 03/03/2008
Tropical rainforest cover in southern Yunnan decreased 67 percent in the past 30 years, mostly due to the establishment of rubber plantations, according to a new assessment of tropical forests in southwestern China.

Human impacts on primate conservation in central Amazonia -- 03/03/2008
Deforestation in the Amazon is a serious concern. In the Brazilian Amazon, forests are cleared for cattle ranches, soybean cultivation, and selective logging practices. A new plan to settle approximately 180 families north of Manaus, the capital city of the state of Amazonas, has created widespread controversy. The land plots would be located within the study site of the longest-running study of forest fragmentation, the Biological Dynamics of Forest Fragments Project (BDFFP). Therefore, the plan would threaten scientific research at the BDFFP and other nearby research sites operated by the Instituto Nacional da Pesquisas de Amazônia (INPA) and Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia (LBA), as well as the future of the Central Amazonian Conservation Corridor.

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Tropical Conservation Science is an open-access e-journal that publishes research relating to conservation of tropical forests and other tropical ecosystems.

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